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Common Errors In The Use Of Nouns

Incorrect : Riches Has Wings.
Correct : Riches Have Wings.
Incorrect : He Is True To His Words.
Correct : He Is True To His Word.
Incorrect : There Are Many Different People In Europe.
Correct : There Are Many Different Peoples In Europe.
Incorrect : My Shoe Is Black.
Correct : My Shoes Are Black.
Incorrect : I Have Broken My Spectacle.
Correct : I Have Broken My Spectacles.
Incorrect : She Has Read Many Poetries Of Tagore.
Correct : She Has Read Many Poems Of Tagore.
Incorrect : Do You Have Two Dozens Pens ?
Correct : Do You Have Two Dozen Pens ?
Incorrect : One Of My Friend Came To Me.
Correct : One Of My Friends Came To Me.
Incorrect : My Father Gave Me A Hundred Rupees Note.
Correct : My Father Gave Me A Hundred Rupee Note.
Incorrect : This Books Cover Is Very Fine.
Correct : The Cover Of This Book Is Very Fine.
Incorrect : Please Do It For Consciences Sake.
Correct : Please Do It For Conscience Sake.
Incorrect : Premchand And Bhagwaticharan’s Novels Are Worth Praising.
Correct : Prem Chand’s And Bhagwati Charan’s Novels Are Worth Praising.

Common Errors In The Use Of Pronouns

Incorrect: One Must Keep His Promise.
Correct : One Must Keep One’s Promise.
Incorrect: I Am Sure It Was Not Him.
Correct : I Am Sure It Was Not He.
Incorrect: We Enjoyed At The Theatre.
Correct : We Enjoyed Ourselves At The Theatre.
Incorrect: None Of Us Know It.
Correct : None Of Us Knows It.
Incorrect: Ramesh And Suresh Love One Another.
Correct : Ramesh And Suresh Love Each Other.
Incorrect: Except He, All Were Present.
Correct : Except Him, All Were Present.
Incorrect: I Met A, Man. Yesterday Who Was Blind
Correct : Yesterday I Met A Man Who Was Blind.
Incorrect: Yours Is The Best Essay.
Correct : Yours Is The Best Essay.
Incorrect: The Cows Of Australia Are Healthier Than India.
Correct : The Cows Of Australia Are Healthier Than Those Of India.
Incorrect: I, You And He Have Done It.
Correct : You, He And I Have Done It.
Incorrect: It Is Bbc London.
Correct : This Is Bbc London.
Incorrect: Let Him And I Work Together.
Correct : Let Him And Me Work Together.

Common Errors In The Use Of Adjectives

Incorrect: Shyam Is The Wisest Of The Two.
Correct : Shyam Is The Wiser Of The Two.
Incorrect: He Is Getting Well Day By Day.
Correct : He Is Getting Better Day By Day.
Incorrect: The Flowers Smell Sweetly.
Correct : The Flowers Smell Sweet.
Incorrect: This Is The More Better.
Correct : This Is Much Better.
Incorrect: No Less Than Fifty Boys Were Present.
Correct : No Fewer Than Fifty Boys Were Present.
Incorrect : Hold These Books In The Both Hands.
Correct : Hold These Books In Both The Hands
Incorrect : Shakespeare Is Greatest Than Any Other Poet.
Correct : Shakespeare Is Greater Than Any Other Poet.
Incorrect : This Cloth Is More Inferior Than That.
Correct : This Cloth Is Inferior To That.
Incorrect : I Have Got A Most Unique Opportunity.
Correct : I Have Got A Unique Opportunity.
Incorrect : You Are More Stronger Than Him.
Correct : You Are Stronger Than He.

Common Errors In The Use Of Articles

Incorrect : Do Not Make Noise.
Correct : Do Not Make A Noise.
Incorrect : The Both Children Are Safe.
Correct : Both The Children Are Safe.
Incorrect : She Saw Snake In Jhe Grass.
Correct : She Saw A Snake In The Grass.
Incorrect : He Is A Heir To Throne.
Correct : He Is An Heir To The Throne.
Incorrect : This Is An Useful Thing.
Correct : This Is A Useful Thing.
Incorrect : The Man Is A Social Animal.
Correct : Man Is A Social Animal.
Incorrect : the gold Is Costly Metal.
Correct : Gold Is A Costly Metal.
Incorrect : More You Read, More You Understand.
Correct : The More You Read, The More You Understand.
Incorrect : I Have Got Headache.
Correct : I Have Got A Headache.
Incorrect : The Cholera Is A Dangerous Disease.
Correct : Cholera Is A Dangerous Disease

Common Errors In The Use Of Verbs

Incorrect : The Captain With His Crew Were Drowned.
Correct : The Captain With His Crew Was Drowned.
Incorrect : Many A Boy Are Doing Fae/R Work.
Correct : Many A Boy Is Doing His Work.
Incorrect : Jagdish Knows To Sw/M.
Correct : Jagdish Knows How To Swim.
Incorrect : The Manager Appointed Him To Be A Clerk.
Correct : The Manager Appointed Him A Clerk.
Incorrect : Slow And Steady Win The Race.
Correct : Slow And Steady Wins The Race.
Incorrect : If You Will Work Hard You Will Pass.
Correct : If You Work Hard, You Will Pass.
Incorrect : Harish As Well As Shirish Are To Blame.
Correct : Harish As Well As Shirish Is To Blame.
Incorrect : The Horse And Carriage Have Arrived At The Door.
Correct : The Horse And Carriage Has Arrived At The Door.
Incorrect : Each Of These Mangoes Are Rotten.
Correct :Each Of These Mangoes Is Rotten.
Incorrect : A Great Many Boys Has Failed.
Correct : A Great Many Boys Have Failed.

Common Errors In The Use Of Adverbs

Incorrect : He Is Kindly Requested To Let Us Know This.
Correct : He Is Requested Kindly To Let Us Know This.
Incorrect : He Was Too Glad To See Me.
Correct : He Was Very Glad To See Me.
Incorrect : This Room Is Enough Large For Him.
Correct : This Room Is Large Enough For Him.
Incorrect : She Went Directly To Her House.
Correct : She Went To Her House Direct.
Incorrect : Ram Can Run Very Fastly.
Correct : Ram Can Run Very Fast.
Incorrect : He Lived Here Seven Years Before.
Correct : He Lived Here Seven Years Ago.
Incorrect : He Will Have To Pay dear For His Sins.
Correct : He Will Have To Pay Dearly For His Sins.

Common Errors In The Use Of Infinitives

Incorrect : Bid Him To Come Here.
Correct : Bid Him Come Here.
Incorrect : I Made Him To Go.
Correct : I Made Him Go.
Incorrect : I Did Nothing But To Gossip And Waste Time.
Correct : I Did Nothing But Gossip And Waste Time.
Incorrect : Let Him To Play Now.
Correct : Let Him Play Now. ,
Incorrect : He Intends To Seeing The Taj This Summer.
Correct : He Intends To See The Taj This Summer.
Incorrect : His Condition Is To Pity.
Correct : His Condition Is To Be Pitied.
Incorrect : Macroni Is Said To Invent Wireless.
Correct : Macroni Is Said To Have Invented Wireless.
Incorrect : The Thief Was Able To Easily Make His Escape.
Correct : The Thief Was Able To Make His Escape Easily.

Common Errors In The Use Of Conjunctions

Incorrect : As He Is Fat; So He Runs Slowly.
Correct : As He Is Fat, He Runs Slowly.
Incorrect : When You Will Go There Then He Will Welcome You.
Correct : When You Go There, He Will Welcome You.
Incorrect : Until You Do Not Come, I Shall Not Go.
Correct : Until You Come, I Shall Not Go.
Incorrect : They Had Hardly Gone A Few Steps That They Saw A Lion.
Correct : They Had Hardly Gone A Few Steps When They Saw A Lion.
Incorrect : No Sooner He Started, It Began To Rain.
Correct : No Sooner Did He Start Than It Began To Rain.

Common Errors In The Use Of Preposition

Incorrect : It Is Eight In My Watch.
Correct : It Is Eight By My Watch.
Incorrect : He Learnt Much From Experience.
Correct : He Learnt Much By Experience.
Incorrect : They Must Abide With The Rules.
Correct : They Must Abide By The Rules.
Incorrect : I Was Surprised On His Conduct.
Correct : I Was Surprised At His Conduct.
Incorrect : She Is Married With My Brother.
Correct : She Is Married To My Brother.
Incorrect : Death Is Preferable Than Dishonour.
Correct : Death Is Preferable To Dishonour.
Incorrect : I Am Certain In My Success.
Correct : I Am Certain Of My Success.
Incorrect : I Am Tired In Doing Thing.
Correct : I Am Tired Of Doing This.
Incorrect : The Doctor Cured Him From Dysentery.
Correct : The Doctor Cured Him Of Dysentery.
Incorrect : He Did Not Comply To My Request.
Correct : He Did Not Comply With My Request.
Incorrect : He Dispensed The Service Of His Clerk.
Correct : He Dispensed With The Service Of His Clerk.
Incorrect : He Acted So With My Suggestion.
Correct : He Acted So Upon My Suggestion.

Common Errors In The Use Of Inappropriate Words

Incorrect : Columbus Invented America.
Correct : Columbus Discovered America.
Incorrect : I Have Sent A Petition For Leave.
Correct : I Have Sent An Application For Leave.
Incorrect : He Has No Rupees.
Correct : He Has No Money.
Incorrect : There Is A Bevy Of Boys.
Correct : There Is A Bevy Of Girls.
Incorrect : It Is An Ancient Sofa.
Correct : It Is An Old Sofa.
Incorrect : He Is Devoted To Gambling.
Correct : He Is Addicted To Gambling.
Incorrect : The Weather Of This Place Suits Me.
Correct : The Climate Of This Place Suits Me.
Incorrect : My Tooth Is Paining.
Correct : My Tooth Is Aching.

Common Errors In The Use Of Superfluous Words

Incorrect : I Am Thirty Years.
Correct : I Am Thirty Years Old. Or, I Am Thirty.
Incorrect : I Walked On My Feet.
Correct : I Walked On Foot.
Incorrect : He Is My Own Father.
Correct : He Is My Father.
Incorrect : This Is A True Fact.
Correct : This Is A Fact.
Incorrect : Mohit Is My Cousin Brother.
Correct : Mohit Is My Cousin.

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